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June 29, 2007

Herman Miller C2 Creates a Microclimate Around You


With this interesting device you can control your personal weather by cooling the air temperature and also controlling humidity. Office furniture maker Herman Miller Inc. wants to let cooler heads prevail when it comes to the often-heated issue of how hot or cold offices should be. Herman Miller is launching a $300 desktop heating and cooling device that it hopes will become as much a part of office life as the desks, chairs and other office wares it has long been known for.

At 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) and 10 inches high, it looks like a small humidifier. In company tests, starting with a surrounding air temperature of 72 degrees, the C2 raised the temperature within six inches by 40 degrees, and was able to cool it by eight degrees.

Via Alice Hill’s Real Tech News at Reuters

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June 28, 2007

Three-Tier Clock with Temperature and Humidity

Rmr613Hga Rg

We're not sure about the look, but we do like the simple easy to read temperature and humidity. This clock-hygrometer-temperature gadget, makes sure you know the indoor weather and outdoor for your office or home, and it even automatically sets the clock by using the U.S. Atomic clock. The wireless outdoor sensor is good for 100 foot range.

  • Automatically sets to the U.S. Atomic Clock---never needs adjusting for Daylight Saving Time
  • Wireless sensor with LCD screen, monitors humidity & temperature
  • 3-tier LCD screen displays
  • Crescendo alarm with snooze function
  • Outdoor temperature range from -25° to 140°F (-32° to 60°C) with lithium batteries (not included)
  • Remote sensor transmission range of 100 feet
  • Multiple temperature channel capabilities (additional sensors required)
  • Dimensions: 4.6L x 1.9D x 6.5H (in.)

At Oregon Scientific and Three-Tier Clock with Temperature and Humidity

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June 27, 2007

Crystal Weather Station from Oregon Scientific


Some say you need a crystal ball to predict the weather, but we'd rather have a Crystal Weather Station. The upcoming Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station has laser engraved 3D icons in crystal with colour highlighting and a radio controlled digital clock. You can also change the mode of the Crystal Weather Station by waving your hand. The mode will then change from time to indoor temperature.

Via The Red Ferret Journal at Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather Station

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June 26, 2007

Sterilize Water in an Emergency with SteriPEN Adventurer

Steripenadventurer Steri-Advent-Glass

If you're looking for the ultimate emergency device, we think the SteriPen Adventurer is a great choice for home and travel. Lighter, faster and half the size of its predecessor (the Classic), the new SteriPEN Adventurer uses UV light to sterilize water in under a minute. This will help to ensure safe drinking water where ever you are and also make having a large supply of water not as necessary (though for hurricane season we recommend it.)

Simply fill a 16 oz. or 32 oz. glass, plastic, ceramic or metal container with clear water, push the activation button once for 32 oz. or twice for 16 oz., dip it in the container and stir slightly to agitate the water. Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye, but a visible blue light indicates that the SteriPen Adventurer is working and shuts off as soon as a full dose has been delivered. The SteriPen Adventurer purifies 16 oz. of water in 48 seconds and 32 oz. in 90 seconds! The UV light breaks down the DNA of viruses, bacteria and cysts, rendering them harmless. Because the penetration of UV light can be limited by discoloration, solids and debris, it is important that clear, unfrozen water be used.

Via Cool Hunting at Steripen Adventurer

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June 25, 2007

Review: La Crosse Technology WS-7049U Mahogany Wireless Weather Station with Remote Temperature Sensor

Lacrosse Technology Mahogany Weather Stationzcv-Standard

We recently picked up the La Crosse Technology WS-7049U Mahogany Wireless Weather Station with Remote Temperature Sensor from a deal on This wireless home weather station is going to run you $49ish without the $20 deal at WOOT! and after spending nearly 3 weeks of testing we think the $49 may be worth it. We've read our fair share of "not so great reviews" on the La Crosse Technology WS-7049U, but after comparison to several other weather stations we are testing like the Honeywell Wireless Personal Weather Station and the Ambient Weather Forecaster, we can conclude the WS-7049U does a good job for the money.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: La Crosse Technology WS-7049U Mahogany Wireless Weather Station with Remote Temperature Sensor"

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June 22, 2007

Weather Photo Friday: Pink Clouds


It's Weather Photo Friday, and we thought given the amazing summer weather we're having this picture of Pink Clouds would be appropriate. I've seen pink clouds before, but this picture from Hinesville, GA is really amazing and calming.

I live in Hinesville, Ga just south of Savannah, and just recently fell in love with taking pictures because of the purchase of my wonderful Sony Cybershot. I only wish I had more time to enjoy it. I hope you enjoy my photos and hopefully I will have more soon.

At Pink Clouds by Lerlene : Weather Underground

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June 21, 2007

STORE-and-TOTE Emergency Drinking Water

415E1V68H6L. Aa280

You'll need water most of all in an emergency. We like the STORE-and-TOTE Emergency Drinking Water pouches. The 4 oz. size provides important portion control for groups or individuals in an extended emergency. A box of 52 pouches provides a 3-day minimum supply for up to 8 people. Some experts recommend storing up to 1 gallon per person per day for drinking, cooking, and sanitation, but if you can't afford that much, at least get a 3 day supply.

At STORE-and-TOTE Emergency Drinking Water

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June 20, 2007

Affordable Grundig FR200 Emergency Radio in Red

511Z25E548L. Aa280

We recently covered this radio in black, but we like the red version much better. Why? You can actually find this radio in low light due to the color. The FR200 features many of the same features as it's more expensive cousins including hand crank power, am/fm/shortwave radio and an LED flashlight.

At Grundig FR200 Emergency Radio in Red

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June 19, 2007

RFID Umbrellas Track You in Bad Weather

6-9-07-Dutch Umbrella

We like rain and we like having a good umbrella in it. Now when you're in a city or in a place where you need an umbrella but don't have one, you can often get a courtesy umbrella. Dutch Umbrella -- a startup focusing its efforts in and around the city of brotherly love -- is looking to take the idea of courtesy umbrella rentals to a new level by incorporating RFID tags and marketers. So what happens is, they track you via the umbrella and see what you might shop or purchase or places you visit. Kinda creepy - but it is a free umbrella.

Via Engadget

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June 18, 2007

Emergency Radio by Porsche Design P'9111 and Eton


We're not sure where in the US to find the Porsche designed radio from Eton, but we really like it. This emergency crank radio features a radio tuner that can receive shortwave bands and am/fm radio, red flashing emergency LED, a white LED flashlight, emergency siren, and a cell phone charger. Everything is powered via rechargeable batteries that can also be recharged from the hand crank. All this and a cast aluminum body, and priced at $200? Well, that's pricey, but then again it's a Porsche.

Via acquire

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June 15, 2007

Weather Photo Friday: Kayaking in Hurricane Isabel


With over 3.6 billion dollars in damages, Hurricane Isabel was a hurricane to fear. It's nice to see someone taking a moment out of their day to enjoy a bit of kayaking in the streets given their situation was probably one of total loss and destruction.

Here I am next to a mail box on Battee Drive in Churchton Maryland, 2003.

At Kayaking in Hurricane Isabel (2003) by RickyRood

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Midland WR-100C Weather All Hazards and Civil Emergency Alert Monitor

41Eh8Gs7Bdl. Aa280

This is currently the top selling weather radio just about anywhere online and offline. Why? It really has the features you need for weather and alerts specific to your area.The Midland WR-100C Weather All Hazards and Civil Emergency Alert Monitor has S.A.M.E. area technology that allows for alerts specific to your area so you won't be listening to something that doesn't affect you or you miss something that does. The single-speaker radio offers 25 programmable county codes, access to 7 NOAA weather channels, time/date and alarm functions, and a choice of voice, siren, or tone alert.

In the event of special warning broadcasts, the monitor is automatically activated along with a loud tone, an LED light and an alert message on its 8-character LCD. Emergency weather bulletins include alerts about tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, ice/snow storms, and other severe weather. Other emergencies might include Amber alerts, explosions, fires, or hazardous chemical spills.

The radio uses the supplied AC power adapter or 3 AA backup batteries (not included). Batteries should give you approximately 24 hours of continuous operation; the clock will run for at least 10 days on batteries when the monitor is turned off (using the monitor on/off control).

At Midland WR-100C Weather All Hazards and Civil Emergency Alert Monitor

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June 14, 2007

How to Be Prepared for a Hurricane

R U Prepared2

"Preventing the loss of life and minimizing the damage to property
from hurricanes are responsibilities that are shared by all."

We just found this rather comprehensive guide on how to get prepared for hurricane season and other bad weather situations. The crux of any plan is actually having one and getting the supplies to fuel it. We really like the detailed tips on evacuation and other areas like pets. You can read the full article at Be Prepared or keep reading for our highlights. We have just about everything below prepared in our house, sans a place to go. I'm going to be checking into what options are available for shelters in the Boston area.

Disaster Prevention should include:

  1. Developing a Family Plan
  2. Creating a Disaster Supply Kit
  3. Having a Place to Go
  4. Securing your Home
  5. Having a Pet Plan
ArrowContinue reading: "How to Be Prepared for a Hurricane"

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June 13, 2007

Eton FR100 Blackout Buddy Radio for Emergencies

41Pvac6G94L. Aa280

If you aren't going to shell out the big bucks on an emergency weather radio, then you might as well shell out some bucks so you aren't caught in a bad situation. When a blackout or bad weather strikes, will you be ready? Thanks to the Etón FR100 Blackout Buddy, the answer is a resounding yes. The unit will automatically come on when the power is out by simply plugging the unit into an AC outlet.

  • Provides emergency light and AM/FM radio when the power goes out
  • Integrated AC plug charges built-in battery
  • Unit automatically engages when power is cut
  • Blue backlit digital display shows radio frequency, time of day, alarm wake-up time
  • Includes earphone jack

At Eton FR100 Blackout Buddy Radio

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June 12, 2007

Eton FR300 Emergency Crank Radio in Black

512Sdbcvzcl. Aa280

We personally have this radio in black, though you can get it in red and orange as well. This sturdy AM/FM radio is built to handle the elements, as well as a power outage, thanks to a hand crank that can be used to recharge the built-in battery. Thanks to the FR300's reception of NOAA weather radio, emergency information is always close at hand when you need it, making this radio a must-have for anyone who wants to be as ready as possible for unforeseen events and bad weather.

At Eton FR300 Emergency Crank Radio in Black

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June 11, 2007

Xantrex 852-2000 XPower Powerpack 600HD Portable Backup Power Source

41Y1Dtm3Qml. Aa280

We've been looking for something like this for a storm outage instead of a generator. Currently we have a sump pump back up system that has a rather large 7.5 hour battery on it but we want more "backup time". Also in the winter, various weather conditions also kills the power here in New England, with ice on power lines, rain on the frozen ground, etc.

The XPower Powerpack 600HD is powered by a rechargeable 28AH battery and provides up to 600 watts of AC power. With three AC outlets and one DC socket, the 600HD is the right power solution for people with demanding applications or the need to run multiple loads simultaneously. Perfect for power emergencies, this powerpack includes an AM/FM radio with digital alarm clock, to keep you connected, built-in emergency light, jumper cables and enough power to jump start a car, truck, boat or small RV.

  • A reverse polarity detector prevents clamping to the wrong terminals.
  • Enough Power to Jump-Start Your Car
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Powerpack 600HD can jump start most 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines, and will operate a wide range of DC-powered products. It also has a built-in emergency light for extra illumination to keep you out of the dark and to provide light so others can see you if you're stranded.

At Xantrex 852-2000 XPower Powerpack 600HD Portable Backup Power Source

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June 10, 2007

Ocean Storms

We just found this amazing picture of a storm over the ocean. We've never really been in bad weather by the water, but this looks like just the perfect storm to start.

A storm has come.
Originally uploaded by forgettablememories

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June 8, 2007

SW-3 Skywatch METEOS Portable Windmeter with Temperature and Windchill

Time-Weather 1949 2527640

We're getting ready to assault the beaches here in Mass, and we know having the wind speed and how cold it is out on the water can be a big factor for successful wind surfing. We just found the SW-3 Skywatch METEOS Portable Windmeter with Temperature and Windchill, and we like the compact size and features.


  • Precision Swiss-made instrument has multi-directional cups
  • which eliminate the need to point directly into the wind.
  • Reads in tenths, allows a choice of measurement units, including Beaufort
  • Can be handheld, or stand alone
  • Manual shutoff or automatic shutoff after 36 hours
  • Runs on one lithium battery
  • Weather resistant ( cannot be submerged )
  • Threaded for tri/unipod, or optional stainless steel bracket (listed below)

At SW-3 Skywatch METEOS Portable Windmeter with Temperature and Windchill

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June 7, 2007

Vermont Copper Weather Station

The Vermont Weather Station monitors both temperature and humidity. Finished in antiqued copper, it uses a 4.25 inch diameter thermometer dial with a 1 inch hygrometer dial with an outdoor swivel arm bracket for mounting at just the right angle. These classic weather instruments combine practical simplicity with timeless design.

The solid copper housing will endure well outdoors because it is naturally resistant to corrosion. Left unattended, it will attain a rich, dark patina and take on a very aged classic looking weather station feel.

At Conant Custom Brass Model TH-6c Vermont Copper Weather Station

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June 6, 2007

Stop Skin Cancer with the 913-UV Portable UV Monitor

Time-Weather 1949 3004865

Much like the portable Personal Heat Index Meter, you can take this UV monitor with you to the beach, golf course, out boating, out gardening, by the pool, camping, hiking, the sports field, or any time you're outside. Over exposure to the sun may lead to sunburn, skin cancer, or other ailments, and we all know we want to look and feel good throughout our life.

This monitor calculates exposure time by combining strength of the UV rays by placing monitor in direct sunlight, person's skin type, and SPF protection used. Skin type and SPF are user inputted and must be accurate to obtain the best exposure time.

  • Size : 4" Long x 2.5" Wide x 5/8" Thick
  • Battery & Operating Instructions Included
  • UV Index Display
  • Skin Type Chart
  • Countdown Timer with 1 Minute Warning
  • Calculates Safe Exposure from SPF Sunscreen Value
  • Easy to Read & Use
  • Included Lanyard for Carrying Ease

At Chaney Instrument UV Skincare Sensor

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June 5, 2007

Secure Your Personal Comfort - Personal Heat Index Indicator

Time-Weather 1949 3096762

Do you go golfing and talk about how hot it is or must be to friends? You can avoid a heat stroke by having a Heat Index Safety Monitor. It will measure the temperature and heat index just about anywhere you happen to be. The Heat Index Safety Monitor will measure the temperature and heat index just about anywhere you happen to be. The personal comfort monitor measures heat index for personal comfort levels at the beach, golf course, construction site, sports field, etc. The personal comfort monitor can also be used indoors where there may be no air conditioning, fans, or in sealed areas. This makes the Personal Comfort Meter perfect for heat related problems that can occur under hot conditions in the elderly, people with health concerns, or very young children.

The unit measures current temperature and humidity then converts it to a Heat Index Value, which is indicated both by a digital readout and on a sliding scale from Normal (Green) to Extreme Caution (Red).


  • Size : 3.5" Long x 2.5" High x .75" Thick (incl. clip)
  • Includes operating instructions
  • LCD screen shows current temperature
  • Starts reading "heat index" when temperature reaches 80° F
  • Completely portable with attached belt clip
  • Can also be wall hung or free standing
  • Requires [1] "AAA" 1.5V Battery (not included)
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

At Heat Index Safety Monitor

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June 4, 2007

Oregon Scientific WeatherNow Wireless Weather Station

Wms801 Rg

We really like the weather stations that use the MSN direct service. Why? Plug it in, and you're done! No sensors, no set up, no hassles. The Oregon Scientific Weather Now weather console uses the MSN Direct service to receive regional weather information without the use of any outdoor sensors, and updates its content every two minutes.

For the first time, get real-time, 4-day weather forecast information to plan your day and week ahead. By just plugging in the weather station within specified MSN Direct coverage areas, you can receive regional wind, rain, temperature, humidity, chance of precipitation and even NWS warning information..

At Oregon Scientific Weather Now

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June 1, 2007

10 Years and Game Over Thanks to Global Warming


Yeah - it's Friday and June 1st, so we decided to start off June with a bit of a news bummer - 10 years until it's game over on the Global Warming front. In a article from, author Bill Blakemore brings to light NASA and Columbia University Earth Institute’s recently conducted study that verifiably asserts that “with just 10 more years of ‘business as usual,’ it becomes impractical to avoid disastrous effects.” In the article the disastrous effects sound like something out of the bible - floods, boiling water - you get the idea. Given this fact, I'm going to get a few more compact fluorescents this morning and perhaps a solar panel or two. And...where's that flood wall I needed to construct...

Read the Full Article here...


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