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September 28, 2007

Floating Solar Island Will Produce Energy While Angering Sharks


Okay - so not totally weather related, but still very cool and dependent on weather. Ras al-Khaimah — one of the United Arab Emirates is going to install a floating solar island, which will be 0.62 miles in diameter when completed, and propel itself with solar gas.

Ras al-Khaimah has a lack of space on land, the micro-state contracted the Neuchâtel's Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology to design it, paying $5 million toward the construction of the project. The island will produce electricity by heating up water to produce vapor, and will be able to propel itself in case bad weather strikes.

See - there's the weather tie in - without sunny skies - no solar, and the sharks will then rise up from the bottom of the ocean and consume the entire solar array as it tries to propel itself with nasty solar gas.

Via Gizmodo at GoodCleanTech

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September 27, 2007

Oregon Scientific Recalls 66,000 Weather Radios

21Ya40DmgalThanks to Brett for writing in to remind us, but it looks like Oregon Scientific is recalling its Scientific Weather Radios because they may fail to receive National Weather Service Alert signals in certain regions of the U.S. — a failure that could jeopardize users' safety.

The recall, announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission applies to the following radios:

  • All Hazards Portable Weather Alert Radio, model .
  • Portable Public Alert Radio, model WR108.
  • Public Alert Weather Station, WRB308.
  • John Deere Public Alert Weather Station, WRB308J.

No incidents or injuries have been reported to the company.

The radios were sold in stores in the U.S., through online retailers and in catalogues from December 2005 through June 2007 for between $30 and $150 US. Consumers should not rely on the radios for emergency weather information and should contact Oregon Scientific for a replacement.

At Recalls and Advisories: Oregon Scientific recalls 66,000 weather radios and Oregon Scientfic

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September 25, 2007

Serial Output for Your Weather Station


Want to add a new interface to your weather station? This cool article in italian will show you how.

[Fickara] sent in his AVR interface(in Italian) for an Oregon Scientific remote weather station. Thanks to the AVR, data is output via RS232. There are quite a few less expensive weather stations - usually PC output models are over $100, so this could be pretty handy. His page has several other projects including an oscope clock, POV on a stick, etc.

Via Hack a Day at Read

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September 24, 2007

9-volt battery flashlight is simple, easy

9Volt Flashlight

Want to use up those extra 9 volt batteries in an emergency? This flashlight takes the traditional flashlight concept and flips it on it's head. You don't embed the batteries in the light, you put the light on the battery. The device consists of three high-powered LEDs and a small on/off switch powered by a 9 Volt Battery. These flashlights will be available next month for $10 each.

At Designer's Page via SCI FI Tech

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September 20, 2007

Rite in the Rain - All Weather Paper

51Rctnxh5Cl. Aa280

Need to write your thoughts in a storm? "Rite in the Rain" is a truly amazing paper created specifically for writing field notes in all weather conditions. From the torrential downpours in the Pacific Northwest to the blistering heat and humidity of a Florida summer day, "Rite in the Rain" sheds water, so users can continue to write on it, even in a downpour. Using a pencil or all-weather pen, "Rite in the Rain" ensures that your notes survive the rigors of the field.

At Rite in the Rain - All Weather Paper

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September 19, 2007

Perfect Power Failure Flashlight - Super Bright Micro Keychain Light

21Diyv0Gl9L. Aa250

Power failure from bad weather? Garrity LED Super Bright Micro Keychain Light is the little light with the big, bright beam. It has a bright, white LED that turns this undersized flashlight into a powerhouse. Lithium Button Cell batteries provide over 23 hours of continuous light and years of intermittent light. What's more, the batteries are replaceable and the LED diode lasts 100,000 hours. Compact and reliable, the Micro Light has a convenient swivel key ring for attaching to keys, belt loops, purse straps, and more! Great for help in finding door locks at night or when the power is out in bad weather. Features of Garrity's Super Bright Micro Light : Lithium batteries provide upto 23 hours of continuous use. Super bright white LED diode last 100,000 hours. Quickly attaches to key ring, belt loop, purse strap.

At Garrity LED Super Bright Micro Keychain Light

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September 18, 2007

Oregon Scientific Self-Setting Projection Clock with Indoor Temperature

11V5377Yfwl. Aa125 The RM313PNA Silver ExactSet Fixed Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature makes going to bed or waking up fun! This cool member of the ExactSet family has all the amazing attributes of other ExactSet clocks: it sets itself automatically, self-corrects for daylight saving time, projects the time in soft glowing red numbers on the wall or ceiling and now provides you with the indoor temperature! This cool and curvaceous clock not only looks good, but is easy to use and operate. The radio tower icon on the LCD screen lets you know your ExactSet projection clock is tuned in and receiving the super-accurate Atomic Clock time. Colorful design and split-second accuracy -- a combination of style and technology that is unquestionable!

  • automatically sets itself to the U. S. Atomic Clock
  • projects time onto ceiling for nighttime viewing
  • indoor thermometer
  • alarm with snooze function
  • backlit LCD display

At Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Self-Setting Projection Clock

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September 17, 2007

Weather Gadget Badge for Your Blog

Blogger tools for free.

Want a Weather Badge for your blog? This really cool site generates weather badges based on zip code.

This widget helps you personalize your blog by displaying the real-time weather conditions where you live. Research shows that blogs that are more personal have larger followings. Readers need to feel connected to the writer on a personal level. Sharing details about yourself, even things as mundane as the weather right now where you live, will help you build and maintain this connection. Try it - It's free!

At Register your blog with and get readers

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September 14, 2007

Weather Photo Friday: A Day of Rain in Mississipi

Humberto's touch on the Mississippi River in the very early morning. Looks like this hurricane snuck up on the Gulf Coast, but things are looking up.

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September 13, 2007

Weather Hub - Forecast and Indoor Temperature on your Desktop

Ba168Blue Rg

We recently picked up one of these for our brother in Virginia and he loves it. The Weather Hub gives you the 12-24 hour forecas and indoor temperature, Besides the traditional desktop display and wall mount options, a magnet mount is included for additional set-up convenience on metallic surfaces.

  • Displays 12 to 24-hour weather forecasts with graphical icons (Sunny, Partially Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy)
  • Displays indoor temperature in C° / F ° (user selectable)
  • Desk top display, wall, and magnet mount options
  • Low battery indicator
  • Temperature measuring range: 23°F to +122°F (-5°C to +50°C)
  • Temperature resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C)
  • Three LR44 batteries included

At Weather Hubs

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September 12, 2007

Space fireworks - Giant Pink Clouds in the Sky

Space Fireworks 8

People in Japan this past Saturday and Sunday evenings were treated to a “space fireworks” show consisting of three balls of red light in the sky, each glowing as bright as the moon. These luminous orbs are the result of three clouds of lithium vapor released into the ionosphere by a rocket launched in an experiment to study the atmosphere. The red glow will be caused by sunlight striking the lithium vapor clouds as they disperse. “In the first few seconds after each lithium release, the light should become as large and bright as the moon,” says team member Masayuki Yamamoto, a professor at Kochi University of Technology.

Via Pink Tentacle

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September 11, 2007

WeatherTech WeatherFlectors for Your Car


We see these on cars all the time and have wondered how much weather then can deflect. Apparently - they can deflect a lot of weather and you can get them for just about any car. The WeatherTech WeatherFlectors can be used while parked, so you can leave the windows open an inch or two to keep the interior cool without worrying about rain entering, and while driving with the windows open you can take advantage of the fresh outside air while minimizing the amount of wind and noise entering your window. On rainy days you can partially open your window without getting soaked, allowing an added bit of ventilation to remove stale or smoky air. Available for front windows, or front and back.

At WeatherTech WeatherFlectors

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September 10, 2007

Battery Free Emergency Radio

41Pjesseffl. Aa280

You're going to need an emergency weather radio that uses a hand crank system so you won't have to worry when those AA batteries run out. This AM/FM radio never needs batteries! A few turns of the hand-crank generator are all you need to power it up and it includes a set of earphones as well.

At Battery Free Emergency Radio

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September 7, 2007

How to Understand Weather and Climate

This meteorology book focuses on explanation about the processes that produce Earth's weather and climate. It emphasizes a non-mathematical understanding of physical principles as a vehicle for learning about atmospheric processes. Additionally, difficult-to-visualize topics are reinforced with a series of software tutorials presented on a CD-ROM packaged with the book. Accompanying CD-ROM is available featuring Tutorials, Interactive Exercises, and illustrative movie loops all keyed to the book. Also, this book includes up-to-date coverage of severe weather events For professionals in the meteorology field.

At Understanding Weather and Climate

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September 6, 2007

Top Weather Gadgets for your Vista Sidebar


Want to know what Vista Sidebar Widget is best for your weather viewing Windows pleasure? Read on below and find out. We love the fact that Mac OS X and Vista both have gadget/widgets built-in and now you'll be able to find the very best.


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September 5, 2007

Lycos Weather Girl Takes Your Temperature

Lycos Weather provides you with the current weather conditions, a 48-hour forecast, and a 7-day forecast, all in an at-a-glance format that makes it easy to get your weather and go. You can also switch your temperature view from Fahrenheit to Celsius if you prefer to view the metric reading.

The new Lycos Weather design has another new feature – a weather girl! Created using Gamesville Avatars, the new weather girl will feature different outfits based on your location and weather conditions. She will also have suggestions for things to do appropriate for the weather in your area – on sunny days she might suggest a swim at the beach or a family barbecue.

Check out the new Lycos Weather today.

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September 4, 2007

Never Get Caught in the Dark with the 10 MILLION Candlepower Halogen Rechargeable Spotlight

413Bqvk60Bl. Aa280

Compact, 2.5M candlepower spotlights are great for times when you need more than flashlight power; but when you need instant BIG portable light no other spotlight compares to the functionality, durability, and value of this one: 10,000,000 candle-power from ultra-bright focused-beam Halogen light. Built to last weather- and impact-resistant construction. Long cycle-life dual internal 6-Volt 4.5Ah sealed lead-acid replaceable batteries recharge from either household (AC) or vehicle/boat (DC) current--both charge adapters included, and the adjustable workstand lets you illuminate area and keep both hands free, 3 LED area light, auxiliary 12-volt outlet for cellphones, other electronics.

  • Phillips high-intensity quartz Halogen bulb with ultra-bright focused beam
  • 7-channel NOAA weather-band radio with AUTOMATIC ALERT; 3 LED area light
  • Powers and recharges from vehicle's DC outlet or recharge from AC--both adapters included
  • Adjustable workstand for convenient hands-free aiming; dual power settings and 12V outlet
  • Astounding amount of light for boating, hunting/fishing/camping, search & rescue or emergency use

At Emergency 10 MILLION Candlepower Halogen AC/DC Rechargeable Spotlight with Weather Alert

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Citizen Weather Observer Program

Cwp Logo Many citizen weather stations are producing weather data today. When these data are used only by the weather station owners, data quality is not an issue. With the communications revolution and the vast capabilities of the internet, many people with weather stations are sending their data far and wide for other people to use. In that case, data quality matters.

The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) is a private-public partnership with three main goals: 1) to collect weather data contributed by citizens; 2) to make these data available for weather services and homeland security; and 3) to provide feedback to the data contributors so that they have the tools to check and improve their data quality. In fact, the web address,, stands for weather quality assurance. Tools that will help members improve their data quality are listed under the "Data Quality" link above left.

There are over 6,000 registered CWOP members world wide and a graph of the number of North American CWOP stations sending data over the past four days is shown under the older name APRSWXNET (APRS description). The number of world-wide citizen weather stations sending data through APRS-IS (Internet-Service) is shown for the past 4 years.

ArrowContinue reading: "Citizen Weather Observer Program"

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September 3, 2007

Toland Garden Rain Gauge


We know Summer is almost over, but we've seen quite a few people visit Weather Snob looking for this Toland Rain Gauge. We have to admit, it's easily the best looking rain gauge we've seen and think this will be perfect for our garden next Spring.

At Toland Home Garden

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