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October 31, 2008

Weather Direct Wireless Weather Displays from La Crosse


We haven't seen these new wireless weather displays from La Crosse until today. Weather Direct® is La Crosse Technology's revolutionary new line of Satellite-Assisted Internet-Powered Weather Stations - re-inventing the way the world gets weather and other important information. There's a full line of different models - including the model above. Some feature audio assisted weather, and some of the wireless weather displays are more compact than others. All of the models seem to provide a 4 day forecast, and the subscription to receive the weather data is free.

  • Free Forecasts for Over 40,000 Cities without a Subscription
  • 4 Day Forecast w/ Daily Sky Condition Icons
  • Micro Forecast: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
  • Chance of Precipitation (0-95%) Rain Amount
  • Sunshine Forecast - (Hours of Sunlight)
  • Wind Gust, Speed and Direction
  • Barometric Pressure Readings
  • HI and LOW Daily Temperature Forecast
  • Indoor Temperature
  • Wireless Outdoor Temperature (Sensor Included)
  • Time Sets Itself (Alarm with Snooze)
  • User-Defined Forecast Alarms: Temperature, Humidity & Chance of Percipitation

At Weather Direct® - Wireless Displays

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October 29, 2008

Chaney Instrument Oak Finished Weather Station - Classy Weather


We love the classic weather station, and think this one will look right at home in your living room or den. Finished with a warm oak stain, this wooden weather station features a thermometer, barometer and hygrometer. The unit hangs vertically or horizontally to dress up any wall. The luxurious, handcrafted Tahoe Oak finish emphasizes brass bezels for a striking affect. A handsome black band sets off the brass bezels while graceful, black hands stand out against an off-white dial face. Arabic numerals are easy to read from across the room. Temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Backed by a five-year, manufacturer warranty, this 14-inch-tall station is precision-engineered for accurate weather data.

At Chaney Instrument Oak Finished Weather Station

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October 27, 2008

Oregon Scientific Online Store at Amazon


If you want to see all of Oregon Scientific's weather gadgets and accessories in one place, we just found out they have a store at Amazon. The store has a best sellers list, and also details on all of their products.

At Oregon Scientific Store

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October 24, 2008

Blue Line Metal Weather Station from Oregon Scientific


We really like just about anything with a hint of blue in an electronic device, and the Oregon Scientific BAR908HGA Blue Line Weather Forecaster not only fits the bill - but is stunning. You’ll have all the information you need to plan your day – displayed in cool blue LCD numerals against a white LED backlight. Atomic time never needs adjusting. Included remote wireless sensor contains the RF chip to better receive the Atomic time signal. Indoor/ outdoor temperature and humidity keep you in the know, while an iconic weather forecast indicates future weather conditions.

Product Features

  • Time auto-sets with Atomic time function
  • 12 or 24-hour time display with calendar and alarm
  • Weather forecast is shown in easy-to-read icons – sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, or snowy
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity display
  • Bar chart display of 24-hour barometric pressure trends
  • Includes one wireless outdoor temperature sensor (RTGN318)
  • Additional sensors available, including UV sensor (UVR138)

At Oregon Scientific and Oregon Scientific BAR908HGA Blue Line Weather Forecaster

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October 22, 2008

CustomWeather - Weather API for Web Sites


Having recently visited SimpleWeather and found them using CustomWeather, we thought we'd pass along the info to this cool weather service. CustomWeather is one of the most comprehensive weather service providers today, offering the highest level of detailed coverage, accuracy and customization. Their products and services are intended to be fully integrated and private labeled to support the branding whoever buys the data service.

At CustomWeather

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October 20, 2008

Got $80,000? You Can Buy SimpleWeather Web Site


Mashable is reporting SimpleWeather - a site that lets you simply enter your zip code and get the weather is up for sale. 80k? We'll take 80k in money - right now. :-) Too bad, it's tough to see the economic downturn effect smaller sites, and these sites have to sell out for money. Or is it?

SimpleWeather, a nifty web site which brings you weather information when you enter a zip code or city name into a simple form, is for sale. We’ve mentioned the site in our big list of sites that provide you with weather info, and it has been mentioned on other prominent sites as well, most notably on one of Time’s “25 websites you can’t live without” lists.

The site is currently defunct, redirecting to; it is due to a $6000 debt to its data provider, The owners are asking 80,000 dollars for ownership of the site, source code, backend and some additional domain names.

Via Mashable

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October 17, 2008

WindMate 200 - Measure the Wind


We're always on the look out for a new wind meter to keep track of those windy walks. That's right - on our walks each day when it's windy, it's always a bit interesting to see how fast the wind is blowing. The Windmate 200 has an internal "wind vane" which ensures all readings are on the wind's axis, and the sure-grip, jack knife-style case keeps hands away from affecting sensors. Backlit screen shows digital direction in degrees/compass points; cross/head/tail wind readings; wind chill; temperature. Lanyard and carry case included.

At WindMate 200

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October 15, 2008

Remote Control Displays Weather While You Channel Surf


We've seen a lot of really cool universal remotes, but none as cool as amazing on the weather front as the Acoustic Research ARRU449 Universal Smart Remote Control. The remote has the ability to display Remote-Screen News, Weather and Sports. It allows you to access to the click365 service of news, weather and sports information. The remote gets all of this information by using your 802.11 b or g wireless router and internet access.

Other features include:

  • Guided Setup: Automatically detects device codes, so programming your TV, DVD player, stereo receiver or any other device is simple
  • One-Touch Activities: Control all your home theater systems with simple One-Touch Activities like Watch Greatroom DVR, Watch Bedroom DVD or Watch Den Satellite Receiver
  • Remote-Screen Program Guides: Access updated program guides for your cable, satellite and local broadcast programming on the remotes built-in screen
  • Remote-Screen News, Weather and Sports: Access to the click365 service of news, weather and sports information. 802.11 b or g wireless broadband network and internet access required to access program guides and other click365 information

At Acoustic Research ARRU449 Universal Smart Remote Control

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October 13, 2008

Semi-Pro Weather Station from Honeywell


If you want to get into the weather station game, why not go semi-pro? This weather station automatically sets to the US Atomic Clock, and features a Duel crescendo alarm. Other features include:

  • 12 to 24 hour weather forecast 24 hour barometric pressure history chart
  • indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity
  • manual altitude adjustment
  • monitors temperature & humidity in up to 3 remote locations
  • anemometer that measures wind speed and direction
  • rain gauge that measures rainfall amount
  • thermo-hygrometer that measures temperature and humidity
  • operating range is up to 100 feet
  • LED back light and automatic backlight control

At Semi-Pro Weather Station

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October 10, 2008

Understanding Weather and Climate - Updated Information


The fourth edition of Understanding Weather and Climate has been thoroughly updated throughout. Every part of the text has been examined and updated to ensure currency and clarity.Integrating the classic textbook model with emerging areas of instructional technology, this book focuses on explaining, rather than describing, the processes that produce Earth's weather and climate. The authors encourage a non-mathematical understanding of physical principles as a vehicle for learning about atmospheric processes.

At Understanding Weather and Climate

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October 8, 2008

Yesterday's Weather - Perfect Weather Reading


This book isn't meteorology focused, but we think you'll find this book about the crazy changing times in modern Ireland very interesting. We really liked this book and think you will too, especially the shear variety of "weather" like tales, and how they effect peoples lives.

Winner of the 2007 Man Booker Prize, Anne Enright's novel The Gathering went on to become a national best seller acclaimed for its electrifying prose and haunting emotional resonance. Now, in Yesterday's Weather, Enright presents a series of deeply moving glimpses into a rapidly changing Ireland: a land of family and tradition, but also, increasingly, of organic radicchio, cruise-ship vacations, and casual betrayals. An artisan farmer seethes at the patronage of a former Catholic-school classmate, now a successful restaurateur; a bride cuckolds her rich husband with an old college friend--a madman who won't take his pills, disappears for weeks at a time, and plays the piano like a dream. Still more startling than loss or deception are the ways in which people respond to them: a wife eaten up by rage at her husband's infidelity must weigh the real stakes after his affair takes a tragic turn; confronted with a similar situation, a woman decides to cheat with, rather than against, her man. Sharp, tender, never predictable, the sum of these stories is a rich tapestry of people struggling to find contentment with one another--and with themselves.

At Yesterday's Weather: Stories

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October 6, 2008

Wireless Floating Temperature Sensor for Professional Weather Stations


Looking to know what temperature the pool is in your yard? How about the pond over the hill? This addition for the WMR series of Weather Stations from Oregon Scientfic will tell you the temperature in the pool, hot tub, boat, lake or anywhere you want to know the temperature of the water.

Product Features:

  • Waterproof floating sensor displays and transmits water temperature to compatible Professional Weather Stations
  • Three channel selectable
  • 3.0 Protocol
  • Works with WMR80, WMR90, WMR100, WMR200
  • Requires two AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 4L x 4D x 7H (in.)

At Oregon Scientific

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October 3, 2008

Penguin Humidifier - Improve Your Winter Indoor Weather


The heat is on here in the northeast, and soon you'll be needing a little more humidity in dry winter indoor air. We like this adorable Crane Cool Mist Humidifier, as it provides additional comfort to cold symptoms, dry itchy skin, and chapped lips during the winter months. The whisper quiet humidifier operates on a low power consumption providing up to 11 hours of moisture from a removable one gallon water tank. Includes an automatic shut off safety feature when water tank is empty.

At Crane Adorable Penguin Humidifier

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October 1, 2008

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