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July 29, 2011

WeatherWear -- Ladies Barbour Flyweight Rose Sapper Jacket To Keep You Dry


Since 1894, J. Barbour & Sons have produced clothes perfectly suited to enjoyment of country life with a commitment to quality and durability. Sylkoil is one of Barbour's oldest and most traditional waxed cottons.

This ladies flyweight Sylkoil-waxed cotton Barbour Flyweight Rose Sapper Jacket is just right to keep you dry during warm-weather showers. The pure cotton lining is in a cheery blooming-rose print from Liberty of London.

Other features of this comfortable jacket include an adjustable drawcord waist, a sturdy two-way zipper with snap storm flap, a soft, lined collar and chin guard, zippered cuffs and four flap-top patch pockets.

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July 28, 2011

NOAA New Climate Normals -- Climatologist Heidi Cullen on the Weather of the Future


As you may have read, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has just recalculated its climate "normals," 30-year averages of temperature and precipitation for about 7,500 locations across the United States, a task the agency undertakes every 10 years. The numbers show that the past decade was about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the 70s, which raises the 30-year average by roughly one-half degree. Click the image for enlarged version.

According to Heidi Cullen, a scientist at Climate Central, a journalism and research organization, "Even this seemingly modest shift in climate can mean a big change in weather." From Sizzle Factor for a Restless Climate | New York Times:

In other words, that extra 1.5 degrees might be more than we can afford....The snapshots of climate history from NOAA can also provide a glimpse of what's in store locally in the future. Using climate models, we can project what future Julys might look like. For example, by 2050, assuming we continue to pump heat-trapping pollution into our atmosphere at a rate similar to today's, New Yorkers can expect the number of July days exceeding 90 degrees to double, and those exceeding 95 degrees to roughly triple. Sweltering days in excess of 100 degrees, rare now, will become a regular feature of the Big Apple's climate in the 2050s.

cullenweatheroffuture.JPG Ms Cullen is a well-known climatologist and the author of The Weather of the Future: Heat Waves, Extreme Storms, and Other Scenes from a Climate-Changed Planet. She predicts global warming scenarios for seven spots around the world over the next 40 years with evaluations of the responses of communities, governments, and international organizations.

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July 27, 2011

Energy Film Glare Control Window Insulating Film -- 98% UV Protection for Your Home


One way to keep your home cool and save on air conditioning energy costs during hot weather is to close your blinds or your heavy curtains to block the sun. If you want to keep your view, Window Film is an inexpensive and easy way to make your home or office more energy efficient while providing UV protection year round.


The film blocks solar heat in the summer and helps retain interior heat in the winter. It is easy to apply and uses no adhesives, adhering on one sticky side.

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July 26, 2011

Heatwave and Drought? First Nature's Niche Waterer and Bird Bath Provides Continual Fresh Water for Backyard Birds


Drought conditions still prevail in a good part of the country. Even if your area is receiving its share of showers, the intense heat will quickly evaporate shallow standing water. Clean, fresh water is essential to attracting and providing for a healthy wild bird population.


A good water source for birds is shallow, less than 3 inches, and easily refreshed. This First Nature's Niche Waterer and Bird Bath has a durable water reservoir that holds over 100 ounces of water, then releases it into four separate drinking pools on demand. As the birds bathe in or consume the water, it's instantly replenished from the reservoir.

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July 25, 2011

Headaches and Migraines -- Are Sufferers More Sensitive to Weather Changes?


Representative Michele Bachmann, who as you know is seeking the US Republican presidential nomination, has recently disclosed that she suffers from intense migraine headaches that necessitate emergency medical treatment.

Did you know that changes in the weather can trigger headaches and migraines for some people? Jerry W. Swanson, M.D.| Mayo Clinic explains these triggers include:

  • Bright sunlight
  • Hot or cold temperatures
  • High humidity
  • Dry air
  • Windy or stormy weather
  • Changes in barometric pressure

Why? "For some people, weather changes may cause imbalances in brain chemicals, including serotonin, which can prompt a migraine. Weather-related triggers may also worsen a headache that starts from other causes."

Dr Swanson provides tips how to cope:

  • Keep a headache diary, listing each migraine, when it happened, how long it lasted and what could have caused it. This can help you determine if you have specific weather triggers.
  • Monitor weather changes and avoid triggers if at all possible. For example, stay indoors during very cold or windy weather.
  • Take your migraine medication at the first sign of a migraine.
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices -- eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and keep stress under control. These factors can help reduce the number and severity of migraines.

howtheweatheraffectshealth.jpgThe effects that weather sensitivity, climate change, air, heat, cold, solar radiation and violent weather have on us are all presented in How the Weather Affects Your Health by Manfred Kauser, along with preventative and remedial advice on weather-related disorders.

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July 22, 2011

Oregon Scientific WR608 Desktop NOAA Weather Alert Radio


The weather has been so strange recently, we never know what is going to happen. Stay alert and up-to-date on the weather conditions around you, no matter what time of day. The Oregon Scientific WR608 Desktop NOAA receives and displays National Weather Services weather bulletins, alerts, watches, and forecasts, U.S. Emergency All Hazards bulletins, and local Emergency Alert System (EAS) bulletins and warnings 24 hours a day.


The Radio can be programmed to receive information specific to your geographic area and with it you can receive broadcasts for up to nine different local areas. Alerts available in English, French and Spanish with three levels of messages: advisory, watch, and warning. More details at Amazon and Wind and Weathericon

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July 21, 2011

MyWeather Desktop and Mobile App for iPhone and Android


Today's US weather map above indicates that excessive heat warnings and advisories are in effect across much of the country, affecting some 100 million of us.

Weather apps are critically important to anyone outside for an extended period of time, whether working, swimming, hiking, boating, playing sports, walking the dog. An intriguing new free app provides instantly updated weather for all the places that matter to you.


Save as many locations as you'd like: home, vacation and recreational spots, relatives' homes, work sites.


You can also send yourself SMS alerts.



  • Touch the arrow next to any of your locations to view detailed current conditions: heat index/wind chill, dew point, humidity, precipitation amount, pressure (mb or inches), and wind speed/direction.
  • Plan ahead: get the 10-day forecast for any location, with a visual summary of the sky condition, high/low temperature and chance of rain.
  • View the hourly forecast on an easy-to-understand graph, and instantly see the weather trend for your location. Turn your iPhone sideways and the graph fills your screen. Touch any point along the graph to see that hour's forecasted sky condition and temperature.
  • A full-color radar map centers in on your selected location. Turn your iPhone sideways for a full-screen, interactive map. Choose a display mode (road map or terrain view) and see lightning, storm cells, temperatures, wind speed and more. Zoom in and view the weather over your favorite golf course, sports arena, or beach.
  • Want to read about the weather? The News tab gives you national forecast summaries, weather safety tips, and other helpful information.

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July 20, 2011

Don't Wait Until a Drought -- 15% Sale on Watering Tools


Don't wait until it's a drought and too late! Save on cool tools that keep your yard hydrated. 15% Sale on Watering Toolsicon ends Friday, July 22. Use code WATER at checkout.

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July 19, 2011

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan Cools Your Entire Room


A massive heat wave is invading our nation this summer. We all are looking for ways to beat the boiling heat. This Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan is a sharp looking, powerful table fan that creates smooth airflow without fast-spinning blades that buffet the air. Its Air Multiplier technology draws in air and amplifies it up to 18 times. You can rotate it up to 90 degrees to easily cool an entire room in your home or office.

Purchase the Dyson Air Multiplier Today!
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July 18, 2011

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2011 Edition -- Estimate the Temperature from a Cricket's Chirp


The Old Farmer's Almanac 2011, which marks the publication's 219th anniversary, contains weather predictions for every day and climatic trends for each season, plus the science behind weather folklore. It also boasts "the most accurate astronomical data under the sun", with best-viewing recommendations for every month.

For instance, The Old Farmer's Almanac teaches nature's formula to estimate the temperature counting cricket chirps. The method:

To convert cricket chirps to degrees Fahrenheit, count number of chirps in 14 seconds then add 40 to get temperature. For example: 30 chirps + 40 = 70┬░ F

To convert cricket chirps to degrees Celsius, count number of chirps in 25 seconds, divide by 3, then add 4 to get temperature. For example: 48 chirps / 3 + 4 = 20┬░ C

or try this Cricket Chirp Calculator.

h/t Lifehacker

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July 15, 2011

Hot Weather Alert: Look Before You Lock -- Check the Back Seat


A car is not a babysitter, or a petsitter. In warm weather, our vehicles can become an oven in minutes, even with the windows cracked. The consequences for our children and pets can be tragic.

Summer Alert: Check the Back Seat |WSJ has tips to protect our trusting little ones from car-related heatstroke. According to the article deaths are most common in Texas and Florida, because of their climate. More than 500 children have died in hot cars since 2008 and in all cases there was a change in the caretaker's routine or a combination of stress and sleep deprivation with tragic consequences. Tips:

Put something in the back seat that you will need when you arrive at your destination. It could be a cellphone, purse or briefcase, and its placement should force you to see your child.

Keep a teddy bear or toy in the front passenger seat any time a child is riding in the back.

Have your day-care provider agree to call you at all your phone numbers if your child doesn't show up for day care.

Keep your car locked with the windows up even in the driveway and garage. Keep keys and key fobs out of reach since children are adept at getting in.

For more information and a newsletter, go to

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July 14, 2011

UV-Resistant Outdoor Grommet-Top Curtains Protect Against the Hot Summer Sun


If you are finding the glare and heat on your back porch or deck to be a little much these days, bring the comfort of your living room outside. These easy-care UV-Resistant Outdoor Grommet-Top Curtainsicon can protect against the brutal hot summer sun.

These 100% yarn-dyed polyester panels withstand harsh UV rays, resist fading, repel water and are mildew-proof. They dry quickly after a rain and are machine washable. Available colors below.


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July 13, 2011

WeatherWear -- Doggles Pet Products Protect Against Wind and UV Light


Doggles ILS Protective Eyewear for Dogs are goggles for dogs. They have polycarbonate (shatterproof), anti-fog lenses which block 100% of UV light and keep out wind and debris.


Before you head out into the strong summer sunshine with your pet, apply some SPF 15 Doggles Pet Sunscreen. This formula is safe for everyday use and is non oily, non-irritating, and water soluble.

It will help prevent sunburn on your light-colored dog and reduce the amount of sun bleaching on dark colored dogs. Spray onto your dog's coat, nose and head.

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July 12, 2011

ProActive Frogg Togg Chilly Pad Keeps You Super Cool for Hours


Use this ProActive Frogg Togg Chilly Pad to keep cool during your workout or any other activity. When wet, the towel becomes considerably cooler than the outside air, thus cooling you off.

It's made of hyper-evaporative material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch. It keeps you cool up to 4 hours. When it stops cooling, simply re-wet the towel and wring it out.

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July 11, 2011

Inside Out Umbrella Inverts into Handbag


Umbrellas are terrific, but only until you get inside and notice you are dripping water all over your clothes, the furniture, the floor. The Inside Out Umbrella over at Yanko Design cleverly designed by Seung Hee Son solves this problem by completely inverting into a small bag. All the water is contained inside. Neat!


via Book of Joe

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July 8, 2011

All Weather WaterShed Classic Outdoor Dog Bed


Warm, balmy weather means the dog can just hang around outside. But since our doggies sleep at least 18 hours a day, we feel guilty that all the cushy dog beds are inside. We know they could use a nice comfy spot to curl up out there.

This new washable WaterShed Classic Outdoor Dog Bed will fill the bill nicely. Its durable polyester bed cover is specially treated to resist moisture and removes for cleaning. It has non-clump liner that allows water to drain right through.

The simple design means this bed fits fine just about anywhere, say the porch or the deck, and it's attractive enough to be used indoors as well. In Brick Stripe, Gray/Blue Stripe, Blue/Green Stripe, Peach Multi, Gold Multi, Blue Multi. Sizes Medium and Large.

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July 7, 2011

Hot and Humid Weather -- How to Condition Yourself for Summer Workouts


galloway.jpgPeople we know and love are training to run 5K's in this brutal summer heat and humidity. The attendant symptoms of cramping, light-headedness, heat exhaustion and even worse are preventable. It's prudent to slowly acclimate to warm-weather exercise by learning how much one sweats, hydrating prior, wearing loose-fitting, suitable clothing and not over-extending.

Galloway's 5k and 10k Running offers an easy and time-efficient system to train for, and complete a 5K or 10K race. This practical book is chock-full of expert advice, hints, and tips from a former Olympian who has been injury-free for over 25 years.

How to tell how much you are sweating? Pamela Reinsel Cotter: Condition your body for hot conditions | offers a couple of ideas:

According to the professor [Dr. Brendon McDermott, assistant professor, Clinical Coordinator for the Graduate Athletic Training Program and co-director of the Applied Physiology Laboratory at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga], everyone should determine their own sweat rate.

"Sweat rate is very simple to calculate," he says. Weigh yourself before exercise, with as little clothing as possible; exercise for a half an hour and don't drink or use the bathroom for that half hour; weigh yourself again, wearing the same amount of clothing to see how much you've lost," McDermott said.

But if you want quicker results, he says, "You can monitor your urine color. It should have a light yellow tinge to it. Lemonade is much better than apple juice. And if you're delving into the iced tea realm, it's time to drink. It's normal to have darker urine in the morning," McDermott said. "As for voiding frequency, some people are camels, other people urinate frequently."

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July 6, 2011

Belkin 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector in Severe Weather


One of the many problems caused by the increasing severity of storms across the country are power lulls and surges that can ruin your expensive electronic equipment and destroy your precious data. We all have a lot of money invested in our home computer systems and need to protect them from weather damage.


This Belkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet Home/Office Surge Protector with Telephone and Coaxial Protection provides quality computer protection for both home and professional workstations. It's also an ideal solution to protect your laser printers, telephones, coaxial lines, home-theater systems, and everyday household electronics during the extreme weather which is becoming more and more a part of daily life.

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July 5, 2011

AccuWeather for Windows Phone Now Available


Good news comes out of the 4th of July holiday weekend about one of Weather Snob's favorite internet hangouts, AccuWeather. AccuWeather for Windows Phone is now available for download from Windows Phone Marketplace.

This app automatically updates forecasts for selected locations right on the phone's start screen. Localized forecasts for global locations are updated hourly, along with their RealFeel® temperature, and severe weather alerts. Day and night weather forecasts are readily available as well as information for the next ten days.

Other features include panoramic views, interactive Bing maps, and nicknaming of your favorite places. There's access to multiple weather displays, including animated radar and satellite maps, and current, broadcast-quality weather videos, many available in both English and Spanish.

The user has the option of choosing between metric or imperial units, as well as forecasts for special lifestyles, such as conditions for specific sports and other outdoor activities. For more details go to AccuWeather.

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July 1, 2011

Weather Snob Monthly Round-Up -- June 2011


Here's a look back at the weather-related tips, news, gadgets and ways to stay super cool we covered this past June. We look forward to seeing you back here often this summer.

Are you a weather buff? You can follow us daily on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our RSS feed. You can also sign up to receive our weekly email Newsletter.


Emergency Weather

General News

Global Warming/Climate Change

Home Weather Forecasters

Home Weather Stations

How-To Emergency

ArrowContinue reading: "Weather Snob Monthly Round-Up -- June 2011"

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