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July 9, 2008

Weather Pro Outdoor Pool Table - Play Pool by the Pool


Looking to have the coolest backyard pool tournament around? The Weather Pro Outdoor Pool table can take whatever you throw at it - rain, sunshine, and even snow. Snow is going to make it tough to finish your game, but think of the possibilities of this baby next to the pool. At just $2,500 it's like buying a rather large heavy piece of weathered entertainment you can enjoy year round.

Via acquire

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July 7, 2008

The Cloud - MIT Creates Pseudo Organic Life Form Made of Carbon Glass Cloud


If you want to make a pseudo organic life form in the shape of a cloud, you're going to need 15,000 individually controlled optical hairs, and lots of patience. The MIT mobile experience lab's latest experiment is The Cloud, a pseudo-organic life form made of carbon glass that perceives humans using hundreds of sensors. There's something strangely familiar, and creepy about the cloud. Perhaps in the future, the MIT lab can develop wind, and other forms of weather that respond to viewers.

Via Gizmodo

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July 2, 2008

A Windy Day T-Shirt - Wind in Your Shirt


Looking to put a little wind in your T-Shirt? The Windy Day T-shirt will do just that with it's vintage look, and cool design. There's not too many weather focused shirts, so get this one while their available.

Via Uncrate At Windy Day T-Shirt

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June 13, 2008

Weather at the Wikipedia


It seems the weather entry at the Wikipedia is in need of some serious help. It needs citations, footnotes, and other stuff to fill it out. If you feel so inclined head on over. We think an entry on Weather should be the best it can be, and you can always help out at the Wikipedia.

The weather is a set of all the phenomena in a given atmosphere at a given time. It also includes interactions with the hydrosphere. The term usually refers to the activity of these phenomena over short periods (hours or days), as opposed to the term climate, which refers to the average atmospheric conditions over longer periods of time. When used without qualification, "weather" is understood to be the weather of Earth.

At Weather - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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May 22, 2008

Severe Weather Watch For Memorial Day Weekend - Stay Alert with a NOAA Radio


Well - mostly in Kansas, but we recommend you check your weather locally and see what's up. The Northeast looks like it's going to have great weather this weekend, along with the southwest and other parts of the US.

Make sure and bring a weather NOAA device if you're boating, hiking, or going anyplace where you are unfamiliar with the weather and weather patterns. Don't get caught in bad weather and ruin your weekend of fun.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend and stay dry and safe.

Read the severe weather alert for Kansas.

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May 12, 2008

Nerf Weather Blitz Football


The NERF WEATHER BLITZ is a tough all weather football. Designed with a weather resistant surface and finger grips so the ball won't slip from your hand, the WEATHER BLITZ football actually plays better in wet weather. We wish we would have had this football growing up. Perhaps we might have even won a few games with less slip-ups.

At Nerf Weather Blitz Football

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April 21, 2008

Real-Time Weather in Video Games

Image from EA Sports and Wired

We thought we'd explore what has happened to weather in video games over the past year. Last year EA released EA Sports' NCAA 08 Football. It was the first game to pipe in real-time weather conditions at the venue of a player's choice with weather data provided by the Weather Channel. Given we don't play many football games, we asked some of our sport video game focused friends to chime in - verdict? Awesome. Because the weather could be matched to the day you were playing, you could recreate the game in real time while you watched the real game. Very cool.

We also found this rather interesting forums discussion on weather in video games - citing Donkey Kong Country as one of the first games to have weather as a factor. Do you know of any good uses of weather in video games?

We'll continue to look for interesting uses of weather in video games, and hope in the future lots of online video games can make the integration of weather into gameplay and the game.

Via Wired

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April 8, 2008

Gravity Waves Make Tornados from Thunderstorms


It's interesting to note how Tornados form - not with wind spinning into a mix of bad weather, but with gravity waves compacting and concentrating the force of the tornado until it forms.

According to Coleman (a meteorologist), wave-storm interactions are very important. If a gravity wave hits a rotating thunderstorm, it can sometimes spin that storm up into a tornado. What is an atmospheric gravity wave? Coleman explains: "They are similar to waves on the surface of the ocean, but they roll through the air instead of the water. Gravity is what keeps them going.

Read more at NASA

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April 3, 2008

Blame Wild Spring Weather on La Niña


Are you seeing snow on baseball's opening day at your local stadium? Or perhaps freezing rain and snow in the evening after a long day of mild weather? La Niña may be to blame. La Niña is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon similar to El Niño. During a period of La Niña, the sea surface temperature across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal by 0.5 °C. This can cause all kinds of odd more winter like weather in the Spring - especially in the Pacific Northwest.

La Niña causes mostly the opposite effects of El Niño, for example, El Niño would cause a wet period in the Midwestern U.S., while La Niña would typically cause a dry period in this area. It's not clear that we're in a period of La Niña, but we can at least see the results of what appears to be weather very much in tune with La Niña.

Via and La Niña Wiki

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March 7, 2008

Write for Weather Snob

We're looking for a good writer to help us here at Weather Snob. If you have the skills to pay the bills, and keep the lights on in bad weather please email us by using the news/tips/reviews link to the right. We look forward to hearing from the weather obsessed like ourselves. And of will be compensated for your efforts.

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