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December 2, 2011

Ambient Weather HP816A Handheld Wind Meter with Temperature


The most powerful Santa Ana winds--strong and quite dry offshore winds--in a decade have been ripping through Southern California. According to Strong Santa Ana winds topple trees, power lines | SFGate 75,000 households and businesses in the Los Angeles area were without power after the winds downed trees and powerlines.

If you are curious about the wind speed in your area, an Ambient Weather Handheld Wind Meter provides instant wind speed down to 0.2 mph as well as temperature measurements in F or C. User can select knots, meters/sec, miles/hour or km/hour. This wind meter has a large, backlit display with auto-off feature and a neck band for easy carrying

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September 13, 2011

Nor'easter Wind Speed Meter by Maximum


Weather forecasters on TV and the internet will provide the wind speed for your general locale, but what's pertinent is how hard the wind is blowing at your house. Is it a blizzard, a tropical storm or a stiff breeze?

This simple Nor'eastericon wind meter by Maximum will measure within a wind speed range of 0 to 200 mph with an accuracy of ± 3%. Includes 60' cable, rooftop sensor, and mounting hardware. And it won't stop if you lose your power as it runs on one 9-volt battery, not included.

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June 17, 2011

WeatherHawk WM-200 WindMate Hand-Held Wind Meter


This is the very first wind meter to incorporate wind direction measurement in addition to wind speed, essential for sailors and anyone else who depends upon the wind. The WeatherHawk WM-200 WindMate Hand-Held Wind Meter measures wind 0.1 to 89 MPH, measures average and maximum wind speed over 10 second intervals, calculates cross wind, head wind, tail wind, measures temperature, wind chill and wind direction using the digital compass.

The jackknife case protects the mechanism and functions as a handle. The WM-200 is water-resistant, fits a tripod, has an auto shutoff feature, a thermometer as mentioned, and a convenient back light.

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June 15, 2011

Decorate with Patriotic Wind Spinners for the 4th of July


In the summertime we like to have few wind spinners around on the patio or at the beach to create a festive atmosphere while we chat and sip summer drinks. Patriotic Wind Spinners are just the decoration for weather buffs on the 4th.


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May 26, 2011

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter


You can have the weather with you wherever you go. If you are a professional on the job, a sports coach, or an outdoor enthusiast, you likely need accurate weather info to properly assess your situation. The compact size and high durability of this Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter make it the right choice anywhere and anytime you may need to make crucial decisions.

The Kestrel 3000's sensitive technology provides accurate wind speed info, along with an external temperature sensor and waterproof casing that allow you to gauge the temperature of water (it even floats) and snow, as well as the open air. A hard slide-on case, lanyard, and battery are included. It accurately measures:

  • Wind Chill
  • Air, Water, and Snow Temperature (displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius w/ accuracy of +/-1 degree)
  • Current, Average, and Maximum Wind Speed (displayed in: Beaufort Wind Scale; Knots; MPH; KPH or Feet Per Minute)
  • Relative Humidity
  • Dewpoint
  • Heat Stress Index

Five year warranty.

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May 12, 2011

Colonial-Styled Weather Gauges for the History Buff


These unique Jeffersonian Weather Gaugesicon are styled on the beautiful instrumentation of the colonial era. The Rain Gauge, Thermometer and Wind Meter are all crafted of solid brass and stainless steel. Mounting stakes and hardware are included.

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April 27, 2011

Firewinder Creates a Wind-Powered Light Show for You

This delightful Firewinder uses wind to create a magical spiral of light that intensifies with the wind's power. No need for batteries. It hangs with wire, or you can mount it on brackets.

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April 6, 2011

Chakra Wind Chime


Create beautiful music from the wind that flows through your yard. This serene Chakra Wind Chimeicon combines sound and color to draw our focus to the energy centers of the human body. The chime's seven center stones are aligned just as the chakras are stacked along the spine.


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October 17, 2008

WindMate 200 - Measure the Wind


We're always on the look out for a new wind meter to keep track of those windy walks. That's right - on our walks each day when it's windy, it's always a bit interesting to see how fast the wind is blowing. The Windmate 200 has an internal "wind vane" which ensures all readings are on the wind's axis, and the sure-grip, jack knife-style case keeps hands away from affecting sensors. Backlit screen shows digital direction in degrees/compass points; cross/head/tail wind readings; wind chill; temperature. Lanyard and carry case included.

At WindMate 200

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June 18, 2008

La Crosse Handheld Anemometer - Measure the Wind


For sailors, surfers, hang-gliders, or kite-fliers, this nifty gadget is a must-have for keeping tabs on current wind conditions. The tiny handheld anemometer comes in a sporty, yellow, plastic, weather-resistant casing, making it ideal for use during water activities or rainy weather.

About 5 seconds after powering up, the anemometer reports the current wind speed in either miles per hour, kilometers per hour, meters per second, or Knots plus, displays wind speed on a Beaufort Scale bar graph.

We've been using an Anemometer here at Weather Snob for our fishing trips when the wind looks to be too much for several lakes we fish on that are electric motor only. Whatever your wind measuring needs might be, for $39 bucks this wind meter is a steal.

At La Crosse Technology EA-3010U Handheld Anemometer

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October 4, 2007

Get Weather Kayaking with the Brunton ADC Pro Atmospheric Portable Data Center

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Whether you're riding the rapids in a whitewater kayak or reading the barometric pressure trends when the fish are rising, the Brunton ADC Pro atmospheric data center gathers and records all the key weather conditions. The ADC Pro displays such information as relative humidity, heat index, dew point, barometric pressure, and wet bulb, so you'll always know the current conditions and what's around the corner. Let your partners believe you're predicting the rain with some sort of mind-bending, supernatural powers. Brunton will take care of the science. Humidity and heat index are just a couple of the ADC Pro's vast data capabilities.

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June 8, 2007

SW-3 Skywatch METEOS Portable Windmeter with Temperature and Windchill

Time-Weather 1949 2527640

We're getting ready to assault the beaches here in Mass, and we know having the wind speed and how cold it is out on the water can be a big factor for successful wind surfing. We just found the SW-3 Skywatch METEOS Portable Windmeter with Temperature and Windchill, and we like the compact size and features.


  • Precision Swiss-made instrument has multi-directional cups
  • which eliminate the need to point directly into the wind.
  • Reads in tenths, allows a choice of measurement units, including Beaufort
  • Can be handheld, or stand alone
  • Manual shutoff or automatic shutoff after 36 hours
  • Runs on one lithium battery
  • Weather resistant ( cannot be submerged )
  • Threaded for tri/unipod, or optional stainless steel bracket (listed below)

At SW-3 Skywatch METEOS Portable Windmeter with Temperature and Windchill

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April 20, 2007

Speedtech WindMaster Weather Watch Pro Windmeter


Get the details on the wind when you need and right on your wrist! The Weather Watch Pro wrist watch uses a Swiss-made impeller for current, average, and maximum wind speed. One of the impeller fins is magnetized, highlighted in green and always points North. This allows you to mechanically determine wind direction. The display is backlit and the unit is water resistant to 10M! Weather Watch Pro can be detached from the wrist strap and worn on the included neck strap.

At Speedtech WindMaster Weather Watch Pro

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March 21, 2007

Kestrel 1000 Certified Pocket Wind Meter

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Want to know how fast the wind is at the beach before you fly that kite or take off wind surfing? Want to measure wind speed in a storm? You're going to need a wind meter. The Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter makes it easy to measure the wind anywhere. Kestrel instrument is individually calibrated, tested and certified against standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST).The new Kestrel wind meters feature a new ergonomic design, built in backlight, data hold function, and a sure-grip hardcase.

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